Aviator Spotlight – Bessie Coleman

Elizabeth “Bessie” Coleman was a true pioneer in aviation.   During a time when female aviators were few and far between, Bessie was able to make a name for herself by becoming the first African-American woman to earn a pilot’s license.  Her determination and courage are remembered now, nearly a century later, as we put … Continue reading Aviator Spotlight – Bessie Coleman


Aviator Spotlight – The Wright Brothers, Fathers of Aviation

December 17, 1903, marks what is arguably the most important day in our industry’s history. On this day, 117 years ago, we learned to fly. Wilbur and Orville Wright are considered the founders of modern aviation.  Their technological breakthroughs and unmatched contributions laid the foundation for the industry as we know it today. The brothers … Continue reading Aviator Spotlight – The Wright Brothers, Fathers of Aviation


Our Vision Remains

I am writing this following the first week of a 30-day stay-at-home order in Kansas City, which was put in place due to the coronavirus pandemic. Following a 44-year career in the consulting field – disrupted nearly 20 years ago by 9/11 and over 10 years ago by the recession – this may become an even greater test for our worldwide economy and the aviation industry.

What We Do: Environmental Documentation

by Judi Krauss, Environmental Planner What environmental documentation is needed for an airport project?  Good question!  There are all kinds of environmental regulations and “special purpose” laws related to the natural, cultural, and human environment that could apply to your airport or airport project.  However, the big one is called the National Environmental Policy Act, … Continue reading What We Do: Environmental Documentation

December 2019 Press Release

For Immediate Release, December 2019 Coffman Associates’ tradition of excellence in airport planning continues with the transition of executive leadership to Dave Fitz as Chief Executive Officer and Mike Dmyterko as President. Both Dave and Mike started their careers with the firm in the early 1990s and developed highly regarded reputations in the industry, and … Continue reading December 2019 Press Release